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stick à bobo à l'argile blanche, fragrance lait d'amande

White clay bobo stick - Enriched with Shilajit - Almond milk fragrance

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The white clay bobo stick, almond milk fragrance, brings together a combination of natural healing, anti-bacterial and emollient active ingredients to soothe and heal.

Enriched with Shilajit for a regenerating effect. The stick provides a practical and fun solution.

Suitable for adults.

All our sticks are 100% natural, vegan and zero waste.

  • Apply to the area to be treated. Massage lightly. Do not apply to a wound that is still bleeding.

  • coconut oil, shea butter, white clay, candelilla wax, jojoba oil, shilajit powder, propolis extract, almond milk fragrance, tocopherol.