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Lot 2 Pots de résine de Shilajit Chélateur+

Lot 2 Pots of Shilajit Chelator+ resin

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Set of 2 jars of Shilajit Chelator+ . Silver Shilajit resin is known for its chelating effects. This version of Shilajit is enriched with Chlorophyll to optimize these metal destroying effects.

  • To ensure precise dosage, use the 1 gr measuring spoon and dissolve the resin in hot (not boiling) water, honey, milk, tea or any other beverage, stir and consume. It can also be swallowed or dissolved under the tongue.

    We advise you to take the resin ideally on an empty stomach in a single dose. Note that the fulvic acid contained in shilajit will increase the effects of what you take within a 2-hour interval.