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La résine de shilajit Gold est reconnu pour ses effets de booster de libido et anti-âge.

2 Pots of Shilajit Gold resin with Ginseng and Maca

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Shilajit Gold resin is recognized for its libido booster and anti-aging effects . This version is enriched with Ginseng and Maca to optimize the effect. 2 jars of 27 gr.

Maca is a plant used by traditional Peruvian medicine for centuries for its stimulating effects on the immune system, physical, mental and... sexual performance!

Ginseng root , cultivated for millennia in China, is considered a divine anti-aging herb. It helps increase physical and sporting performance and greater endurance, particularly in cases of exhaustion or increased fatigue. Ginseng is known to be an excellent aphrodisiac that stimulates the libido.

  • To ensure precise dosage, use the 1 gr measuring spoon and dissolve the resin in hot (not boiling) water, milk, tea or any other beverage, stir and consume. It can also be swallowed or dissolved under the tongue. You can go up to 2 grams per day, morning and evening depending on the desired effect.

    We advise you to take the resin ideally on an empty stomach in a single dose. Note that the fulvic acid contained in shilajit will increase the effects of what you take within a 2-hour interval.

    You can use it non-stop, but it is always better to switch from one period of use to another.